What is Orthodontics

Orthodontics means “straight teeth”. But this area of dentistry needs to take into consideration a wider range of issues, than just the alignment of teeth. We need to consider function, aesthetics and stability.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a series of clear aligners which are used to move teeth. They are worn by patients all the time except when eating, drinking and cleaning their teeth.


These are some of the other advantages of Invisalign:

·         It is almost invisible in use.

·         It is removable so you can clean your teeth easier and eat without them.

·         There is no metal in your mouth.

·         You can see on the computer how your teeth will be positioned at the end of treatment



Incognito is perfect for patients who want to get straighter teeth without letting anyone else see that they are in the midst of treatment! This is the latest in individually customised technology, so that you get to your desired outcome in the least steps possible.

The advantages of Incognito:

·         The braces are on the “inside” so no one can see them

·         You don’t need to take them out when eating

What to expect

At Focus Orthodontics, you are our focus. We want you to be comfortable with us at all times, not just at the first appointment.

The first appointment

The first appointment with Focus Orthodontics is our chance to gather as much information from you as possible. We will need to know what you want fixed about your smile and will answer questions of a general nature. Please bring your dentist’s referral (if you have one) and any recent dental x-rays. Part of the record taking procedure will be some photos and a thorough orthodontic examination.

Putting appliances on the first time

No matter what appliance you have chosen, the fitting appointment is always comfortable. We will ensure that we spend time on how you can keep your teeth clean and to care for your appliance of choice. However, as your teeth start to move, you will likely experience some discomfort, which will pass quickly.

Adjustment appointments

Adjustment appointments occur at reasonably regular intervals and are so that the orthodontist can monitor your treatment progress and make any changes necessary to achieve the smile you deserve. All adjustment appointments are included in the cost of treatment. At the beginning of treatment, we can not know for certain how many adjustments will be required.

How long will treatment take?

At Focus Orthodontics, we hear radio advertising of 3 month or 6 month treatment times. We are very concerned that these treatments are making the patient fit the treatment. As a patient, it is your right to demand that the treatment fits you, not the other way around.  We do not extend treatment time unnecessarily, but equally, we do not rush the treatment over, just to earn a bigger margin. On the other hand, we can alter our treatment goals to suit you – and shorter, less complicated treatments are cheaper for the patient.

Getting your braces off

The act of removing the braces is reasonably quick and well tolerated. The orthodontist needs to squeeze each bracket, separating the bracket from the tooth. Bands which are sometimes placed onto molar teeth are lifted off the tooth. Both the brackets and bands can sometimes make a “pop” sound when the adhesive cracks. There is no need to be alarmed by this sound.

Once the braces are removed, the cement or glue needs to be drilled and polished off. Normally, this takes the majority of the appointment time, so you are left with clean, braces-free teeth!

They’re off – what next?

No matter what type of orthodontic treatment you have undergone, you will need to wear a retainer. This is to keep the teeth in their correct positions. There are clear, plastic retainers, fixed wire retainers or Hawley-type retainers. The pros and cons of each type will be discussed with you and the orthodontist. Under certain situations, the orthodontist may recommend a particular type for you. Normally, we encourage you to choose the retainer that you would like to wear – no one knows you like you do! If you don’t wear the retainers, you may not like the relapse that occurs.

How long do I need to wear the retainers for?


BUT! You don’t have to wear the retainers full time forever, mostly, we “wean” you off them so that you are wearing them only part-time (nightly, every 2nd night, weekly, etc). Of course, if you have chosen the fixed wire retainer, there is no option but full time wear.

How much will orthodontic treatment cost?

Unfortunately, this is not an easy question to give a general answer for. It will depend on the treatment option chosen (more aesthetic options will be more expensive) and the complexity of the case. At Focus Orthodontics, we have a sliding scale of fees – not a one size fits all price. This means that easy cases are not charged the same as difficult cases. We think this is only fair.

For all our patients, we do try to keep the fee as low as possible, but in addition to this, we extend to everyone an affordable payment plan which is interest free. We offer this so that as many people as possible can afford a beautiful smile.

We firmly feel we have the best possible prices in the inner west and as experts in this field of dentistry, give the best value for money.