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Dr Jong

Dr Mun Jong has been an orthodontist at Focus Orthodontics since 2012. He studied dentistry at Australia’s first dental school, the University of Sydney. After graduation, he worked in private dental practices around Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast, and tutored dental students at the University of Sydney. Dr Jong was admitted as one of 3 registrars into Australia’s first orthodontic faculty, at the University of Adelaide, out of hundreds of applicants. Orthodontics was and still remains as one of the most competitive dental specialties.


Dr Powell

Dr Powell was the very first Orthodontist in Burwood and has serviced the local community for over 30 years. He has a long history of teaching at the University of Sydney and being at the forefront of both the paedodontic and orthodontic fields. He enjoys his semi-retired lifestyle and acts as our locum orthodontist