Why Us?

At Focus Orthodontics, we believe in honesty being the best policy. As such, we will ALWAYS tell patients when they don’t need treatment. We do not do free consultations because we do not want to “pressure sell” or have patients feel obligated to have treatment. We totally disagree with any form of “internet deals” or limited time offers – orthodontic treatment should not be an impulse buy. Nor should you choose someone ONLY because of price. We understand that price is important, but as they say “price is what you pay, value is what you get”. We offer low prices, but more importantly, we offer the best value.

We do orthodontics only as we are specialists in this field. This means we have undergone a full time university accredited course which allows us to be registered as a specialist. By concentrating on doing only orthodontics, this allows us to stay abreast of this ever evolving field of dentistry. This may be difficult to understand for the general population, but a good analogy is if you were building a house, you would not get one person to draw the plans, survey the site, do the concreting, lay bricks, do the tiling, lay carpet and install the blinds. When you engage a builder, he would get sub-contractors to do their part.

Being specialists, we do not promote just one way to straighten your teeth. In fact, we would like to think we don’t promote any way – we leave it up to you to choose which option you would like. Our job is to inform you of the pros and cons specific to your case, and to let you choose which option you feel best suits you. Don’t go anywhere that only offers one method.