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Explore Lingual Braces in Burwood

“Hidden” Options at Focus Orthodontics

Lingual Braces BurwoodWhen it comes to being completely unnoticeable, however, lingual braces take the cake. While this treatment still uses metal brackets, they are placed on the inside of the teeth, making them 100% invisible when the patient smiles.

At Focus Orthodontics we use Incognito for our lingual braces, as it is the market-leading brand. This appliance also uses custom-made wires and brackets, ensuring that the patient isn’t just satisfied with the look of their lingual braces, but how they feel too.

Although lingual braces offer one of the most premium options of braces, the treatment time is still roughly the same as conventional metal braces, as we’re dedicated to ensuring the patient is left with results that last a lifetime.

What Are Lingual Braces?

“Lingual” is the term used to describe the surface of your teeth that is closest to the tongue. When it comes to wearing braces, the appliances are almost always bonded to the “facial” or “buccal” surfaces of the teeth (closest to the lips and cheeks). Because of where lingual braces are bonded, they’re essentially hidden in plain sight.

Customised Bracket Designs

To make sure your lingual braces are as comfortable as possible, each one is selected to fit your unique teeth to minimise potential irritation to the tongue and inside of the mouth. Compared to traditional orthodontics, these brackets are smaller in size and shaped for the specific tooth that they are bonded to.

Are There Downsides to Consider?

As a lingual braces patient, it can take some practice to get used to eating and speaking with your appliances in place. Cleaning around the wires and brackets may take extra time until it becomes a normal part of your routine.

The “Invisible” Braces No One Can See

Because of their location, lingual braces are essentially the truest form of invisible orthodontics available for our patients. And because there are not translucent aligners to remove or change out, this treatment is ideal for busy adults who want a fixed alternative to traditional metal treatments.

Want to Learn More?

Would you like to smile with more confidence? Contact us today to find out if lingual braces are right for you!


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